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Dai Fuk has eczema

Graphite, marker, screen tone, colour pencil on paper, 2021, 22 x 22 cm each

The sparrow who has lived together

Graphite, marker, screen tone, colour pencil on paper, 2021, 22 x 22 cm each

How can you treat me like this?

Graphite, marker, screen tone, colour pencil on paper, 2021, 22 x 22 cm each

我希望透過作品強調動物的靈性,動物的靈魂和人一樣,有思考、有情 感、有獨一無二的性格。當兩個截然不同的物種之間可以產生交流,是 一件令我十分感動的事 ⸺ 撇開皮膚、身體和語言,只是單純的一種精 神連繁。

我收集了一些有關人和動物的真實故事 , 以九格漫畫的形式去表達那無 形的精神交流。

I hope to emphasise the spirituality of animals through my works. The souls of animals, like humans, have thinking, emotions, and unique personalities. When two completely different species can communi- cate with each other, it is something that touches me very much⸺ leaving aside the skin, body, and language, it's just a kind of spiritual continuity.

I collected some true stories about people and animals, and expressed that invisible spiritual communication in a form of nine-frame manga.


Date: July 10 to July 26, 2021

Time: 10:00am - 8:00pm

Venue: 4-5/F, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai

Opening: July 9, 2021







過往的學習,猶如當初那顆不起眼的種子,在澆溉、吸收、掙扎下,萌了芽、長了葉;亦如此畢業展,不是始,更不是終,是三十五位對藝術有嚮往、執著及信念的應屆畢業生,手執所培種的「酵種」,繼續在藝術創作上的發酵,繼而進化、演變和蛻變的過程。正如香港藝術學院署理院長. 陳育強教授表示,「藝術學院的天然資源是來自不同年齡丶社會經驗和背景的學生,大多數進入學院的同學並非未直接地遵從社會所擬訂的人生進程階梯 ,反而從種種意外丶疑惑和障礙中找到這近乎浪漫的目標,當中的動力少不了藝術學習不可或缺的熱情和好奇,我敢說,這是享受藝術和創作藝術的最基要條件。我在學院就是看到這種類似種菌過程的生命力,過程未必好看,但充滿生機和力量。」



「酵種」(Culturing)borrows meaning from the laboratory technique of growing microorganisms in a particular condition for research and development purposes. Culturing, or cultures, appear not at the beginning nor the end, but define the process, evolution, transformation and metamorphosis.  As such, culturing, also represents the graduating students. Armed with a single-mindedness, a belief and perhaps even an unyielding resolve, the graduates have grown and cultivated their art practice in today’s bacteria-filled environment. The cultured result may be unremarkable, but like a tiny seed, it can hide unexpected possibilities. 


Culturing, is the title and theme of the Graduate Exhibition 2021 of the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree program, co-presented by the Hong Kong Art School (HKAS) and RMIT University. Held at the Pao Galleries of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, this exhibition is the culmination of the major studies of 35 graduates. The works of different media, including painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, installation and video, represent the collective call of the graduates in their understanding and pursuit of art.  


In the past two years, everyone has faced unforeseen changes. Impermanence, as the inconstant aspect of life, has disrupted what people have grown accustomed to. Jaffa Lam, Academic Head of the Hong Kong Art School, expresses her thoughts on how the current environment can affect art making: “In times of predicament, mankind can exhibit unimaginable bouts of power. When the world is turned upside down, we become distinctly aware of one’s self in that moment; where we are, who and what we care about.”


Like the act of culturing, this graduation exhibition is not the beginning nor the end, but it is the process of evolution and creation of the 35 graduates, who will continue their art making with their cultivated cultures, passion and belief. On the transformative process of art studies and learning, Acting Director of the Hong Kong Art School, Professor Kurt Chan, summarizes: “The Hong Kong Art School’s natural resources are the students who are of different ages, and who come from various backgrounds and walks of life. The majority of the students who enter the school do not follow the advancement path normalized by society, instead, they decide on this almost-romantic pursuit through encountering accidents, puzzles and obstacles. And they are motivated by the passion and curiosity that are crucial to studying art. I daresay this is the basic requirement to enjoy art and making art. In Art School, I have witnessed the kind of vitality as seen in the process of culturing microorganisms, and though the process may not be pretty, it is full of life and strength.”


It should not matter if the tide of life is flowing, or if it turns; if it is rapid or creeping. Nor does it matter if results are accomplished or the effort was futile. By persevering in the process of art making, it is possible to enact Culturing, using the strength of something negligible to stir people’s souls.

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